I confirm that I am of legal drinking age in my country of residence.
Je confirme être en âge legal pour consommer de l'alcool dans mon pays d'origine.
Confirmo que tenho idade legal para consumir álcool no meu país de origem.

Christie's WinesChristie's Wines

  • Quinta Dona Mafalda


    Where the magic begins

  • Douro Vineyards Vines

    Quality Wine

    Born in rich land

  • Quinta Dona Mafalda

    Quinta Dona Mafalda

    Home of ancestral traditions

  • Quinta Dona Mafalda

    Unique Grapes

    Source of unique wines

  • Douro River Castelinho Rabelos Boats

    Douro River

    Path to maturity

  • Douro River Castelinho Rabelos Boats

    Vila Nova de Gaia

    Where the river meets the cellars

  • Douro River Castelinho Rabelos Boats


    Where the wine gets better with age

  • Douro River Castelinho Rabelos Boats


    The Castelinho brand, born in the Douro

  • Douro River Castelinho Rabelos Boats

    Butler Nephew & Co

    Established in Oporto in 1829

  • Douro River Castelinho Rabelos Boats

    Tasting Room

    Where you can taste the best flavors

A Traditional Family Company

“Christie’s Port Wine Producer & Shipper, Ldª.” is a traditional family company which has been trading in Port wine for two generations during which the legacy of Port has continued to grow throughout the last century. We have gained a wealth of experience during those decades. Combining it with our passion for the Douro region, it has resulted in the knowledge and ability to create exceptional quality wines year after year. We are now continuing the long-lasting conservative history of Butler & Nephew, established in 1829, honouring the ancestral and traditional association with quality winegrowing. We have recently been working very hard to improve high quality Douro wines; this is the case of Castelinho brand which would meet the same quality demands as our Port wines, using tradition and innovation in a true commitment to the Douro region.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy our wines!

Stephen Christie