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  • Quinta Dona Mafalda

    Our Quinta

    Our estate Quinta Dona Mafalda, produces every year approximately 30,000 liters of wine, on nearly 7 hectares.

    The distribution of the vine varieties is quite homogeneous with Touriga Nacional, Tinto Roriz, Touriga Franca and Souzão. One third of the estate is still (and will remain so!) with "old vines". In 2014 and 2015 we invested a lot, by replanting part of the estate and grubbing up, in some cases, one foot on two, to give them more "space" to live.

    2016 has been a decisive year for us: we have returned to the estate winemaking ancestral traditions, featuring storage and bottling our production in place, rather than do it in one of our other winemaking centre, 5 km away. This allow us to monitor more closely our grapes and their maturation, preventing them from damaging during carriage, but especially we can completely control our winemaking in "small format".

    The investment was considerable, but we are sure that this will allow us to further increase our quality, both in Ports as in Douro wines.

    The recovery work of the productive area of the property, initiated this year (2015) will be normally completed for the harvest (we hope!). Overall we have 5 fermentation tanks of 4.000 litres each, with temperature control. And because it’s important to keep the traditions, we have also kept one of the three stone "lagares" which existed: it will allow us to produce some very special cuvées (and invite our friends to come and foot treading the grapes in the lagares). The winemaking part is supported by an area in which we have approximately 70.000 litres of vats as well as storage in new casks. The productive area is also strengthened by a space where we can store up to 30,000 bottles of semi-finished products, before being released to the market.

    Our winemaker, has the heavy task, not only to discover the quintessence of the grapes, to ensure the sustainability of our stocks of Port, but also to renew itself, year after year, in the Douro red wines. He’s also monitoring the work in the vineyards, and currently, the reconstruction of the production area.

    Our efforts in our winery have given us a international recognition, praised for our wine “Quinta Dona Mafalda - Vinhas velhas”. We have created a fruited while structured wine with delicate tannins that will be produced, depending on the years, in a exclusive volume of up to 5.000 bottles.