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Port 40 Years Old

Tawny Port is made from premium blends of wines, sourced from the best vineyards that have been aged for years in oak casks.

This art of blending, more than a technique, is steeped in centuries of old traditions passed down from one generation to another, as the “house style” of each Port wine family company.

Ready to drink, the bottle should be stored in a cool and dry place. After opening it should stay fresh for up to one month, if stored in a cool place.

Only the very best tawny blends are chosen for ageing for many years in oak casks, creating rare and exceptional wines as this Butler Nephew’s 40 Years Old Port.

It’s the oldest tawny of Christie’s Port Wine Producer & Shipper Company, and because of his higher quality standards only a very small quantity is available.

Rich and complex, with dried fruits, nuts and caramel flavors , some hints of vanilla and honey. Full-bodied but sweet and smooth, this delicate wine has combined an exceptional balance and harmony. Take your time to enjoy the excellent qualities of this noble 40 years old tawny as an exquisite dessert wine or appreciate it on its own with friends or family. Serve slightly chilled on summer.

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