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Port Finest Reserve

Tawny Port is made from premium blends of wines, sourced from the best vineyards that have been aged for years in oak casks.

This art of blending, more than a technique, is steeped in centuries of old traditions passed down from one generation to another, as the “house style” of each Port wine family company.

Ready to drink, the bottle should be stored in a cool and dry place. After opening it should stay fresh for up to one month, if stored in a cool place.

Our Fine Reserve is the youngest of our tawny ports family and even being the younger of our ports, shows the perfect combination between young fruitiness and the maturity of 7 year average.

Dark and lively tawny color, this fine reserve is moderately sweet with nicely balanced fruity flavors and rich aroma of ripe plums, cherries and some chocolate notes. On the palate it is smooth and well-balanced with persistent aromas at the end.