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Quinta Dona Mafalda
Children of the earth, heirs of ancestral traditions. Birthplace of the oldest Demarcated Region in the world, established in 1756, the Douro is an immense amphitheatre of vineyards.

Harsh and stark climate, the land is covered with vineyards that sprout the sea of shale along the steep slopes and bewitching valleys.

Only the persistence and the wisdom of the Douro inhabitants have made it possible to bring a wine of unrivalled quality to the world.

The Quinta Dona Mafalda brand, born in the Douro and always linked to the land is the fruit of the persistence of those men and women who have been able to transmit generation to generation, in the heart of their families, the art and ancestral knowledge which enables the creation of nectars of pure excellence.

The Quinta Dona Mafalda label can be found in four wines in which quality has been recognised through several gold medal awards in the most prestigious international wine competitions.